Back Office services Warsaw – Poland

YPRU Rudder Upward offers its clients a full service from the registration of commercial or industrial activity to back-office management.

The whole of accountancy and financial issues is managed by our bilingual, highly-qualified personnel used to the challenges of complicated services and having a clear objective: providing our clients with highest-quality and individualized services :


  • Establishment and registration of a company
  • HR management outsourcing, virtual office, representation
  • Keeping accounting documentation, management control, fiscal declarations, VAT, social security declarations
  • Back office management

Establishment of a company

Service concerning the formalities of establishing a company :

  • Registration in the local business activity register
  • Obtaining the REGON number from the Central Statistical Office
  • Tax registration, obtaining a NIP number (TAX) from the tax office
  • Registration in the social security office
  • Registration in CCIFP : the French Trade and Industry Chamber in Poland

The service involves the whole of administrative meetings, visits to offices, phone conversations, information meetings, reporting the procedures, preparation of documents necessary to register a company, assistance in dealing with local authorities, collection of certificates, declarations and other administrative decisions.

Personnel management outsourcing, virtual office, representation

Personnel management outsourcing service

Personnel Management outsourcing creates favourable conditions for you to run a business. Acting as an employer, YPRU Rudder Upward deals with administrative formalities, social security issues, and other legal or accountancy-related responsibilities concerning the personnel confided to us by our clients.

There are two kinds of personnel status :

  • Employee : a person acknowledged to be an employee of YPRU Rudder Upward on the basis of fixed-term or indefinite-term contract contained in a service agreement specifying the conditions of remuneration payment, employee status and preferable social benefits.
  • Independent worker : a person acknowledged to be an independent expert in the field of consultancy, audit, studies, training… YPRU Rudder Upwards provides support in the field of administration, accountancy and legal issues, as well as in issuing invoices for completed tasks and making remuneration payments.

The service is defined in the contract which specifies the kind of service rendered by YPRU Rudder Upwards, the dates of the beginning and the end of the service and the conditions of payments.

In addition, our assistance involves completing administrative formalities, phone conversations, information meetings.

Virtual office service

Virtual office service with an address in Warsaw ensures efficiency and flexibility, our assistance will save your time, and optimise your activity :

Free service :

  • Correspondence address
  • Receipt / consignment / mail and fax forwarding in compliance with the instructions given
  • Arranging and booking business trips

Service + :

  • Renting conference rooms
  • Arranging meetings with clients
  • Translation services (English, French, Polish, Russian)
  • Organisation of meetings
  • Office backup

Keeping accounting documentation, management control, preparing fiscal declarations, VAT and social security declarations :

The whole of accountancy, financial and personnel-related issues is managed by our bilingual, highly-qualified personnel used to the challenges of complicated services and having a clear objective: providing our clients with highest-quality and individualized services in the following areas :

Personnel affairs

  • Personnel management
    • Preparation of employment contracts in compliance with existing regulations
    • Keeping files of employees
    • Determining the right to holiday and keeping a register of holiday leaves
    • Keeping and updating medical check-ups and Health and Safety trainings
    • On demand – preparation of internal regulations regarding work and social allowance fund
    • Legal consultancy in the field of employment law
    • Assistance in solving current personnel problems within the company
    • Assistance in case of administrative controls
  • Payroll service, calculating and preparing social security declarations
    • Preparation of payroll documents
    • Preparation of ZUS RMUA forms – social security documents
    • Preparation and filling monthly declarations and personal monthly reports to the National Insurance Institution (ZUS)
    • Preparation of monthly tax declarations PIT 4
    • Preparation of annual income report (PIT – 11, PIT – 8B)
    • Preparation of due annual tax report (PIT – 40)
    • Remuneration payments
  • Payment
  • Reporting

Fiscal issues

  • VAT and other fiscal declarations: preparation and submission
  • Corporate tax – preparation of documents and declarations
  • Submitting payments to tax collectors


  • Keeping accounting books
  • Keeping register for the need of the value added tax – chargeable purchases/sales
  • Preparation of annual accounts and all accounts, keeping audit files, internal control assistance, preparing reports
  • Leasing, analysis of financing needs, contract negotiations
  • Balance sheet

Back Office management

To allow you to focus on your core business and to help you successfully incorporate a company, YPRU Rudder Upward is ready to offer cooperation in terms of outsourcing, both for shorter and longer periods.

Our organizational structure of Back Office management in Poland is aimed at those managers who are willing to outsource their duties such as representative, administrative, personnel or accountancy-related, fiscal, or subsidiary management-related functions. We allow them to successfully incorporate in Poland or/and in Central and Eastern Europe with your Back Office situated in its heart, and to concentrate on your core business activity.

Our highly-developed network of local experts makes it possible for you to concentrate exclusively on commercial aspects when your back-office is managed for you. Moreover, you will be free to choose between the best localisations, backups and services.

Your incorporation management is progressive, efficient and operational from the very beginning. Your operational and running costs are reduced and your customer service improved. Our assistance is an active, operational support aiming to optimise your development in accordance with the fundamentals and shared values of your company.

Aiming to develop the human capital potential, regardless of your local recruitment needs, YPRU Rudder Upward has managed to gather know-how in the field of personnel consultancy with regard to the region of Central and Eastern Europe. All to support you in managing the integration project of high-potential employees.

Cost of the service : set individually.