International development

Business activity abroad is a development opportunity accessible to many companies regardless of their size. In case of small and medium-sized companies, local governments are often prepared to co-finance such actions and missions of international development.

YPRU Rudder Upward accompanies you in the field : Feasibility analysis, information, contacts, partnership, negotiations, sourcing, concretisations, outsourcing. Along with the manager, we take it upon ourselves to develop an important part of the plan. In order to increase efficiency, we offer a scheme aiming to evaluate potential markets and their channels of distribution :

  • Company’s fundamental features : preparing detailed characterization of activities, core competences of the organisation, logistics, cost structure, know-how, competitive positioning and activity chain from procurement to distribution of products
  • Competitors in destination countries : evaluation of their performance and potential, know-how, positioning and fields of activity
  • Competence necessary to : develop locally competitive offers taking into account the expectations to be met within the next years
  • Clients’ profile : including current and potential clients, in order to understand how particular segments can constitute potential markets abroad