Market research service – Representation

In order to meet your needs, YPRU Rudder Upwards offers a service in cooperation with the French Trade and Industry Chamber (CCIFP) – the representation of your business activity as a legal person.

Depending on your cost estimate our service involves 4 alternative levels of intervention:

  • Feasibility mission : collecting information about markets, products, identification of the main players, information about important commercial advents, providing expert opinions.
  • Market mission : identification of suppliers, producers, gathering information concerning regulations (customs, VAT, certification), seeking for service companies best meeting your needs in terms of logistics, computer systems, transport, premises; transmitting your brochures to potential clients and making preliminary contact with them, organising and assisting you on 2 or 3 days’ business trips, depending on your priorities.
  • Incorporation mission : thorough analysis of product offer, local offer, price policy, distribution network, searching for incorporation locations and catchment areas, preliminary negotiations on your behalf of the terms of cooperation with found potential partners, making preliminary contact and arranging meetings with potential clients, translation of the presentation of your activity and of your product offer, assisting you in the field, making a translator available for you during your business trips of 5 to 8 days, regular reports of actions taken. At your request, YPRU Rudder Upward can conduct a survey or organize a “round table” for clients with a presentation of products, all in cooperation with a specialized institute.
  • Representation : YPRU Rudder Upward is authorized by its client-companies to assist them by providing active and operational support aiming to improve the companies’ activity. The service is defined in an agreement, signed in the presence of a notary and describing in details the specifications and limits of the representation which is to be effected between the client and YPRU Rudder Upwards both as a natural or legal person.

Our support includes: virtual office and representation in Poland.

Preparation of monthly declarations concerning income tax as well as corporate tax.

Social security and fiscal assistance, completing administrative formalities, and on your demand – legal consultancy in consultation with external advisers.

Opening a bank account in the country of incorporation, in compliance with the locally existing law.

Drawing up and proposing all schemes of response as well as of declarations and documents, completing all formalities in agreement with the representative of an individual or of an enterprise.