Strategy and organisation

Procedures applied by YPRU Rudder Upward at the planning stage involve participation of management and definite actions with regard to employees. Our aim is to present the project in the short and long term and to allow employees to assimilate it.

Nine rules

  • Identification of your expectations and your cost estimate
  • Survey into key posts, understanding the company’s history and stages of its evolution
  • Characterization of activities, core competence of the logistical and commercial organization, services, cost structure, etc. of a company
  • Market evaluation, current and future-oriented
  • Overview of competitors, evaluation of their size and performance
  • Developing possible strategic scenarios
  • Description of major stages which will ensure the stabilization of the company’s activity and development
  • Proposition of final organizational, juridical, capital and operational structure, stages of implementing changes
  • Defining the stages of procedure. When applied at the stage of project management, the strategy will greatly improve the employees’ motivation which will be advantageous to the manager